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It's a long way to the top


It’s a long way to the top is a series that was produced for the Bon Scott Project, an exhibition that happened at Fremantle Arts Centre in 2008. The series was a collaboration between the participants in the works and myself as the photographer. I put adds in all the community newspapers and on notice boards in suburban shopping centers looking for Bon Scott fans who were interested in being photographed. When people rang to express interest we talked about the idea that they would create a space and set up the scene that would show their dedication to Bon Scott as devoted fans. Participants like Vance and Chantelle already had a whole poolroom full of AC/DC collectables and an additional 20 family members who were also dedicated fans. Ava, another one of the participants, decided she wanted to do a shoot with all the boys at Billy Weston’s pool hall in Scarborough. Ava and the boys were big fans, they all had their Aca Daca t-shirts on and had plenty of fabulous stories to tell. I met Don Sampson on the dance floor at a local outdoor AC/DC cover band gig. He didn’t stop dancing the whole time so I had to wait till the end of the concert to get to talk to him and I was pretty happy when he agreed to be apart of the project. As my work is an ongoing exploration of suburbia and in particular of working class cultures within this cultural space this work was an important contribution and inspiration for work following.

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